It’s been a while since I introduced myself ❤️
You’ll find my full testimony on my website (

) but for the purpose of this post I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I was born in the winter of ’86 to a young girl barely 18 years old. She had wanted me very very much, but honouring the Lord she placed me up for adoption.
I was adopted by an amazing mom and dad that must’ve been like two deer blinking in the headlights when they realised what they’d gotten ?
✅ Creative
✅ Rambunctious
✅ Passionate
✅ Loud
✅ Bright
✅ Energetic
They did a great job ?
I’d say raising me must’ve been character building for sure. The Lord gave them a firecracker to bend and shape into the adult I am today.
With safe parameters in which to fail, high expectations and a list of endless activities to keep me going – my childhood was a good one.
Of course one doesn’t simply grow up and it all works out, there are plenty dents in my head from all the times I bumped it and learned the hard way.
You’ll have to read my testimony for the in-between years, but fast forward and I’ve been married for 13 years and a mother for 11.
At the age of 36 I’m still unsure what I want to be one day. It’s probably the most exciting part of letting God lead my journey.
This week I want to be a worship songwriter.
I know I’d like to be an impacting author that changes lives.
Always though, at the heart of it all, I just want to speak the name of Jesus.