I’m Claire,

an author and freelance content writer travelling the globe one article at a time.

When I was 10 days old I was adopted.

Yeah – actually adopted, born of the familiar and taken by the unknown.  Now, of course, I am the ideal candidate for an enthralling nature-nurture debate. Which qualities did I inherit? And what personality traits have been influenced? Really, at the end of it all, I like to believe that the nature I had needed to be nurtured by the parents who raised me. 

So, where does that leave me? 

Determined. Dedicated. Driven. The three qualities I learned through nurture.

Creative. Charismatic. Courageous. The three qualities that are my nature.

These six qualities underpin the person I am and the writer I strive to be. Family is very important to me, and I value the women around me. From writing to inspiring others, my heart has always been to make a difference. Whether I am outside with my three kids trying to stop them from tearing each other apart or hidden in my room in my wing-back chair, writing  – those six qualities are always at play.

When I write content, I like to make an impact.

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Hi, I’m Claire.

Hi, I’m Claire.

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Don’t Give Up the Ghost

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