Content portfolio


Personio Presentation

A second-tier interview presentation for Personio.

Penteor Data Sheet

A data sheet sample written for Penteor about one of the services that they offer.


A sample of a help center article for 

Zen Business

How-to guides for the business minded, and those wanting to start up their next venture.

Self-published Novel

It’s not everyday you get to wear the hat of a novelist and a content writer. Here are the first four chapters of my novel written during the Covid-19 pandemic.

FXCM (Global)

I have had the opportunity to create the technical content for their website. Articles focused on the historical aspect of currencies and their impact globally for a B2B market.

Adorama (USA)

Both creative and technical, this content focused on the product offering in a B2C market. The project required ample research and content was written according to keyword rankings.

MIUC (Spain)

I had the opportunity to create and edit their  B2C technical content up until the peak of Coronavirus. The contract ended due to financial constraint.

Ridgemont Outfitters (USA and UK)

What a fun adventure it was working on the landing pages of one brand across two continents. Content included blogs and product offerings for a B2C market.

M Bosch Coaching (Australia)

Her social media pages were my specialty whilst Marelize found her feet in Australia. She now runs her own pages successfully. I also got to play around with her website copy, creating valuable keyword-dense content.

Acro Investments CC (Namibia)

Tanya hires me to write academic content for tertiary-level study guides. It’s not top secret, but I can’t really show you this one. However, being the awesome client that she is, Tanya will always vouch for our three-year working relationship.

The Grammar Owl

“Claire is a wonderful author to work with. Her writing is of a high calibre, and her organisational skills shone through during the self-publication process. I look forward to working with her on future projects.”

Marbella International University

“Claire worked for me as a ghostwriter for the Marbella International University Centre, writing and proofreading articles, news, and social media posts. She is an expert at turning information into appealing copy that drives attention and engagement. Claire is extremely organised and, in my opinion, would make an excellent addition to any team. I rarely had to send her work back for corrections of additions due to her ability to turn out quality copy the first time. I would strongly recommend Claire for any of your copywriting needs and will be more than happy to answer any of your questions about her work and my experience because it was formidable.”

Tom Gerencer Creative

“Claire Lagerwall is an exceptional and personable writer who gets assignments done fast, with little to no hand-holding. The quality of her work is through the roof and she’s very easy to work with. I would recommend her for any content creation you need done.”

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