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I’m Claire – author, mother and friend.

I started writing in high school to escape the ordinary.

I never stopped.

New and upcoming


When I Lost Me

Two women. Two faith-shaking discoveries.

One God.


Behind the Stained Glass

When five women discover a dangerous secret, a line is drawn deeply in the sand. Do they dare to cross it and find out who they really are?

Book Two

A continuation of the story 'Behind the Stained Glass."

When I Lost Me

A story that had me in tears, a story that had me in laughter, a story that had me literally fighting with the characters on one page and reaching in to hug them on the next, a story that just filled my heart with so much compassion for characters that warmed my soul! 

Sharon Dean

Who am i

My story

I grew up in the heat of the Durban summer, and spent many years being wild and free. Married at 22, and a mum by 24, we have lived a quiet life on a farm in the Natal Midlands. Recently we relocated to Ireland – perspective, I think we called it. We took the road less traveled and I am all the more grateful for it.