By Claire lagerwall

When I Lost Me

Fiction Novel

We all have secrets. Some we keep to protect others. Some we keep to protect ourselves.

Catherine O’Hall’s married life has become centred around trying to become pregnant – unsuccessfully. But when she discovers the reason why, she feels unable to tell her husband Henry. Instead, after moving to Sicily, she embarks on a secretive course of action, which she is sure she will be forgiven once they have a child.

Rebecca Allwood, along with her husband ‘Tick’, enjoys a successful farming life in South Africa, having a strong Christian faith and working to make a difference in the local community. But a series of unexplained events lead her to uncover a secret that threatens to take it all away from her.

As Catherine and Rebecca find their stories intertwining, hidden truths will be uncovered that will change their lives forever.

new Author

Claire Lagerwall

Claire Lagerwall is a young author with the remarkable ability to compose melodies from the real-life struggles her characters find themselves in, weaving their hardships into inspiring fiction.
Claire has a degree in English, an honours in Psychology and a post-graduate in education. Her passion for writing first bubbled a decade ago as she focused her career on building a technical writing portfolio. Covid-19 provided her the unique opportunity to be quiet, and in that silence she felt God say now was the time to write His heart into stories that will uplift, empower and encourage women around the world.
She’s the wife of a farmer, and mother to three rambunctious children, but she has also been a teacher, seamstress, bookkeeper and musician, although her guitar seems to be gathering dust as she builds her author career. Although Claire is from South Africa, she currently calls Ireland her home-base. When not writing, you’ll find Claire and her family in wellies outdoors exploring the world one trail at a time.

I became totally engrossed with her book “When I Lost Me” as well as the characters and could not put the book down.

– colleen ansell


Put simply, this is a tale of heartbreak and hope. The plotlines are well-structured, fast-paced, and detailed.

– LG Jenkins


After completely captivating your desire to know more about each woman, the Author beautifully intertwines their stories.

– Extra Times

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