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Book Signing Event

Join us at the wonderful Izimbali Coffee Café for a morning of fun and chatter.
Meet and greet with local author Claire Lagerwall, and enjoy a cuppa as you tuck into a delicious high tea.
You’ll also be entered into a lucky draw to win a Christmas gift.
December 3rd
Izimbali Coffee Café



I’m Claire.

I started writing stories when I was in high school – it was a remarkable way to escape the ordinary, and it created a space for my imagination to run free. After three degrees and a stint in teaching, I finally agreed with my husband that I was probably meant to be a writer. In 2010 I began my B2B technical content  career, focusing on ghostwriting content for a series of clients along the way.

When COVID-19 hit South Africa, most of my writing contracts were put on hold and I was left feeling a little off-course. After penning a poem that went viral (My President, You’re Tired), I took the opportunity to start writing for myself. I started plotting my novel and wrote the first sentence in April 2020, celebrating the official launch in September 2020.

I continue to work as a B2B content writer, ghostwriter and author in between three children, misplaced stickers, broken crayons, and devilish pieces of Lego.

New Book Release

When I Lost Me

Available in paperback and ebook!

Two women. Two faith-shaking discoveries. One God.

Catherine O’Hall, disillusioned with God after a battle to conceive, watches the grains of her life slip between her fingers like sand. In an attempt to leave her heartache behind and find out who she is – if not a mother – she leaves Sicily and boards an aeroplane bound for South Africa. She knows that she is lost and dares God to find her …




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Content Creation

Keyword-rich content that answers your audience’s questions and builds long-lasting customer relationships.


Blog Articles

Informative content that drives traffic to your website and social media pages, increasing your rankings and overall site performance.

B2B Ghostwriting

Creating relationships for businesses and their audience through the written word.


I love a little meet and greet and am always open to being a part of your event and panel.

From the blog:

Hi, I’m Claire.

Hi, I’m Claire.

According to my social media profiles:  I write contemporary fiction novels  Inspirational books for women  Bringing God's heart to the lost and broken  But that just says what I do, it doesn't tell you who I am. So pour yourself a cuppa, and get comfy as I spin the...

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Don’t Give Up the Ghost

Don’t Give Up the Ghost

If I could count the number of times people have said that they’d had the idea, but not the words. What am I talking about? Writing. I often hear people say that they thought of a great idea for an article, an ebook, or some form of guide - but just didn’t have the...

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Coming January 2021

Coming January 2021

I can't say a single thing.  Just can't. But I am writing furiously so that when we can share our plans, this blog section is going to be massively busy with juicy advice and information.  

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